Bucktown is the flagship location of The Goddess and Grocer empire. The original Goddess quickly became a landmark in 2004 in the fast-growing neighborhood. After bursting at the seams for years, in 2014, Goddess moved across the street to a beautiful, larger building at 1649 North Damen.

In addition to The Goddess and Grocer menu of sandwiches, soups, coffee, pastries, and desserts, Bucktown features our biggest salad bar and largest selection of delicious prepared foods.

The energetic second-floor dining room has evolved into a true community center in Bucktown. In addition to being a great spot for business meetings, casual meetups, and people-watching, the upper-level includes one of the premiere outdoor seating areas in the neighborhood. Much like the eclectic Bucktown and Wicker Park neighborhoods that surround it, The Goddess and Grocer in Bucktown feature a large, curated selection of gourmet groceries, including many unique and hard-to-find products from local Chicago businesses.

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