Wine of The Month

This striking, bubbly wine is irresistible with its fresh yellow hue and pleasing, lasting effervescence. Crisp aromas of acacia flower, apple, white peach and citrus fruit captivate the nose before the palate is satisfied with an avalanche of fresh and delicate flavors that culminate in a tantalizing and memorable ending.
The White Knight Prosecco is crafted from Glera grapes that were hand picked in September in small vineyards throughout the Treviso winegrowing region. The grapes were pressed shortly after harvest, where the must was separated from the skins. The juice was then put into special steel containers, where it was fermented with the addition of selected yeasts. The second fermentation then started according to the Charmat method, at a controlled temperature of 14° C in order to preserve the typical fragrances of the original grapes. During this period carbon dioxide was released naturally so that the wine becomes sparkling. The wine was then cold stabilized, fi ltered and bottled.